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Shipping culture has affected life for centuries on the small island of Donsö in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, the home of Furetank. The active owners in the group today are in many ways typical of the strong tradition of seamanship which has existed on the island for many generations.
Since the 1700s, the family’s forefathers have been captains, owners and partowners of a large number of ships which have sailed for shipping companies with Donsö as their homeport.One of them was the schooner ”Ragnar af Donso”, built in 1874.
Like other ship owners at Donsö, Furetank grew out of the 1950s expansion in the oil trade. Karl Höglund and his two sons, Hans and Per-Gunnar, and others ordered their first tanker in 1954. A larger vessel was ordered a few years later. The fleet was continously refitted and enlarged. Soon the third generation of Höglunds was on its way into the company.
The construction of the vessel Furevik in 1989-90 was a landmark for Furetank. The experience of the whole Höglund family was called upon in a project which marked out Furetank as a modern family operator with a fleet of consistent high quality. The company’s recent history can be described as a conscious expansion, with vessel quality as the guiding star.

Furetank Rederi

- Sweden

Korsholmebacke 1
SE-430 82 Donsö

Furetank Chartering

- Sweden

Första Långgatan
24-26 SE-413 28 Göteborg

Furetank Denmark

- Denmark

Havnepladsen 4
DK-4300 Holbaek

Nolsö Shipping

- Faroe Islands

Kongsgil 24
FO-110 Torshavn
Faroe Islands

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