Furetank in brief

  • Integrated shipping company that provide technical, safety, crewing and commercial management services to external partners.
    In addition to management of tankers Furetank is the crewing and technical manager for the Swedish nuclear fuels transportation vessel SIGRID on behalf of SKB, (Svensk Kärnbränslehantering)

  • Head office on island Donsö in the Gothenburg archepelago.
    Offices on Donsö, in Gothenburg, Torshavn on the Faroe Islands and Holbaek Denmark

  • The company is owned by the Höglund family, which has been involved in shipping business since the 1700’s

  • Furetank is focused on product and chemical tankers under 20,000 dwt and has been active in the North European refined petroleum products trade since the early 1950’s
  • Founding partner of commercial joint venture Gothia Tankers Alliance, covering 32 vessels in sizes of 6,000-37,000 dwt

Furetank Rederi

- Sweden

Korsholmebacke 1
SE-430 82 Donsö

Furetank Chartering

- Sweden

Första Långgatan 24-26
SE-413 28 Göteborg

Furetank Danmark

- Denmark

Havnepladsen 4
DK-4300 Holbaek

Nolsö Shipping

- Faroe Islands

Kongsgil 22
FO-110 Torshavn
Faroe Islands

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