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Not a giant
but a leader
At Furetank, we redefine maritime excellence, offering cutting-edge, eco-friendly logistics solutions. Emphasizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability, we pave the way for the future of tanker shipping and maritime services, proving that leadership transcends size.
Sustainability at the Helm

Furetank introduction

Furetank, headquartered in Sweden, stands at the forefront of maritime logistics, specializing in tanker shipping and services for the oil and chemical industries. With a firm commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, we provide strategic solutions that meet the complex needs of our global clientele.
Founded on a legacy of maritime expertise, Furetank has evolved into a beacon of innovation within the shipping sector. Our fleet, equipped with the latest technology, exemplifies our dedication to minimizing ecological footprints while maximizing operational excellence. This approach not only aligns with international environmental standards but also sets new benchmarks for the industry.

Latest news

Sailing into the sunset, our logo stands as a beacon of sustainable shipping.
Navigating iconic waters, Furetank's presence graces London Bridge.
The gateway to innovation: the stylish entrance of Furetank's headquarters in Gothenburg.
The future of LNG shipping is here

The new generation

The best way to care for the environment is to offer
energy and emission reducing solutions.

  • High efficiency twisted lead rudder with propeller bulb
  • Frequency controlled steering gear
  • Propeller nozzle minimize required engine output - ice class 1A
  • Propeller nozzle reduce noise level
  • Class note AVM-APS alternative propulsion system
  • Active load and pitch adjustments for energy saving


  • Tier III compliance
  • VFD Pressure controlled engine room fans
  • Energy efficent ventilations


  • SCR on auxiliyary engines
  • Inert gas in LNG
  • Steam boliers with exhaust heat recovery from me and all aux engines
  • Heat recovery from cooling water
  • UPS back up on all propulsion and navigation
  • High class electrcal motors



  • Chemical free ballast water treatment
  • High Focus on work enviroment
  • Low energy compressors
  • Ultrasonic anti fouling


  • Elecric cargo pumps minimize noise pollution in port
  • Fully equipped for ST Lawrence
  • VGP compliance for oil water interface
  • LNG as fuel at sea and in port
  • EAL oil in all equipment on open deck
  • Remote anchoring from bridge
  • New low drag hull design
  • High performance fouling for low friction
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Furetank Career

Within FURETANK we all work in a close cooperation to manage all technical supervision and manning. We also take care of security, research and development. Finally our own chartering department is handling the fleet on the market. To achieve all this, everyone within FURETANK strives towards being close to decisions and to have a close cooperation within our organization. We learn from each other and we are constantly evolving. We do not just follow the development, we are part of the creation and we make sure to reach our goals, that’s why we are not a giant but a leader.

Our Vision

Furetank offers safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable logistics solutions to the oil and chemical industry, focusing on tanker shipping and maritime services. We strive to continuously reduce the environmental impact of the company's vessels and operations.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most attractive service provider in our fields based on performance reliability, respect and environmental care.

Not a giant but a leader
At Furetank; attention to safety and quality, combined with our care for the environment, cargo, vessels and our personnel runs like a thread, intertwined in everything we do. We design our new vessels with the latest technology and continuously develop our existing fleet to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

Our personnel are recruited through selecting highly qualified candidates whom we provide a continuous development to throughout their employment. Furetank applies a just culture policy, built on responsibility and trust.

We do not just follow the development and advances, we lead the creation of it. Always ensuring we reach our goals. Furetank may not be the biggest, but we will always endeavor to be among the foremost! That’s why we are not a giant but a leader.

CEO Furetank Rederi

Lars Höglund


27 June 2024
No more sea water scrubbing! Yesterday our Minister of Infrastructure @andreas_carlson declared that Sweden bans the use of ocean-polluting sea water scrubber technology from July next year. This is an important step forward for the environment, as well as a victory for Furetank and other shipping companies who have raised their voices against the use of this technique of transferring air emissions to our oceans, threatening aquatic life and biological diversity. "We have done all we can to push this legislative change for a long time, writing debate articles and raising the topic when we meet politicians. We are many shipping companies doing our very best to progress in all environmental areas. It is a great feeling that those who choose to do the opposite will be stopped, said our CEO @lars_hoglund who participated when the minister declared the upcoming reform at @almedalsveckanofficiell Read all about it in @sjofartstidningen #shipping #sjöfart #sustainableshipping
20 June 2024
The best review we could ever get! Posted by @sjofartensutbildningsinstitut from our intern Aros, studying at . What he describes is what we hope will help us recruit new crews for our upcoming VINGA vessels. An extract in English: "I have had the privilege of spending my final internship on board Furetank's newest pride, the Fure Vanguard. This impressive tanker, launched in 2024, is not only a technical achievement but also a symbol of modern shipping. Thanks to the chief mate, I have been able to explore every corner of the ship, which has enriched me with invaluable practical experience. What really sets Fure Vanguard apart is its customizable work environment. In my time off, the crew has become like a second family. We have shared many memorable moments together: from learning situations, movie nights to deep conversations during the journey. It is these moments that reinforce the sense of camaraderie and community at sea." Thanks for sharing Aros! Explore the job opportunities on our vessels at #sjöfartsjobb #sjöfart #shipping
17 June 2024
Yvonne Höglund is Furetank's HR director, the latest member of our owner family to step into the company. The large-scale recruitments of crews for new VINGA vessels being delivered from the shipyard in the coming years is a main assignment in her department. "Furetank today is a completely different company today from when I grew up. Its development is almost hard to grasp, everything moves in an astonishing pace. You just need to grab hold, follow along and support the company and people as best as you can. I find it very exciting.", says Yvonne. Read about her choice to join as the fourth generation Höglund at #shipping #sjöfart